I’m Nick, a web developer based in Sydney and the Southern Highlands. I have a strong background in website development and data science and have been helping people get online for nearly ten years! I’ve worked with a range of individuals and businesses to successfully develop and implement their online strategy.

These are some of my clients
I create fast, modern, mobile-friendly, and search-engine optimised websites that clearly convey your most important information.

These days it’s almost impossible to avoid having an online presence and often a website alone isn’t enough. You should definitely be considering social media, email marketing and online advertising, just to name a few things. I can help with all of this!

Every successful online presence starts with a clear message and a well-defined brand. I can work with you to create or refine both of these things. We'll define clear and reachable goals that fit into an overall online strategy, and use these as a guide when implementing and measuring the success of your presence. Don't worry, I also manage the technical components too, like setting up domain names, web hosting, email addresses and social media accounts.

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